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Learn more about this investigational treatment option for Itching from Urticaria or Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria ( CSU)

CSU is a skin condition that is characterized by transient and unpredictable itchy, red bumps on skin. CSU occurs spontaneously without a known cause.

The MAVERICK clinical study is examining a new investigational treatment option for Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria (CSU). Urticaria consists of itchy, red bumps on the skin that appear and disappear abruptly, with no known cause or trigger. The injections given subcutaneously under this study could offer a new avenue of relief for those with this uncomfortable condition. As the results of the study become available, they could have significant implications on how CSU is managed going forward, and provide much needed relief to people all over the world who are struggling with Urticaria.

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