Photo of Valérie Y Hayes PhD

Valérie Y Hayes, PhD

EBGCR St. Augustine Site Manager EBGCREncore Borland Groover Clinical Research
Clinical Research Location 100 Whetstone Place Suite 300 St. Augustine Fl 32086 Contact Research: 904-680-0871


Dr. Valérie Hayes has been our clinic manager at our ENCORE Research Group’s Saint John’s location for over 2 years. She graduated from Mayo Clinic and worked in industry for 19 years. Her favorite part about working at St. Johns Center for Clinical Research is the external and internal community. “The community is wellness and vision driven, and the structure and culture of the organization is the best!” Dr. Hayes says.

Around the office, Dr. Hayes is known as the French doctor! She is originally from France and although she has spent some time in America, she still has so much love for her home country. “You can take the girl out of her country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl,” She says.

Outside of work, Dr. Hayes is not to be messed with. She loves to practice mixed martial arts and became a 1st degree black belt in June 2021. She also enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. In fact, Dr. Hayes went on a trip to Israel. “It was so beautiful in January, and I highly recommend it,” She says. “The dead sea remains warm! Have a float, it is a wonderful experience.”.
At the end of the long work day, Dr. Hayes enjoys seeing her puppies. It truly brightens her day to see their exuberant joy as they greet her at the door.

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